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Bearly makes you 10x faster by adding the state of the art AI to your workflow. Reading, writing, and content creation all one shortcut away.

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Drop in research papers, pdfs, articles, word docs and more to get a thorough summary of the content.

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Save countless minutes summarizing any article. Executive Summary will give you the key points and counter arguments so you can save time & get on with your day.

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RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Rich Tatum
Loving the @bearlyai tool, which aggregates multiple AI #NLP models into a single GUI on your desktop. Mac, Windows, and Linux…
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
😂 I’ve been tying it with the transcripts that are produced from work video calls… 👀 #lazy or #efficient 🤔 just don’t tell my colleagues 👀
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
I think I’m in love 🥰 there’s something fundamentally different about knowing you ::could:: open gpt playground and login and all the rest vs hitting cmd+shift+p - 10/10 is this how people felt when google came out?
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Crypto Sven
Really didn't want to add another monthly subscription to the mix but might have to make an exception after playing with @bearlyai for the last two days.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Danielle Kliwon
Kleine AI-tip: @bearlyai. Ik gebruik het voornamelijk voor samenvattingen van lange artikelen, verslagen en stoffige PDF’jes, maar de Chrome-extension is nu al onmisbaar in m’n leven.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Dror Poleg
AI-powered tools I’m already paying for: @bearlyai for research, bouncing ideas, and summarization.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Daniel Bender
The least intrusive way of using an AI assistant is to integrate the it in the workflow you already have. Bearly does exactly that by providing a chrome extension and a desktop application.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
This is mind-blowing. I mean, not the technology itself (one gets used to it, as we are seeing to exceed every day), but the implementation and use cases, directly on your computer and helping to deliver or understand better, to assist you definitely.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Just started using @bearlyai and it's blowing my mind how quick and useful it is. The exec summary, 3 takeaways, and counter-arguments are magical.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Me using bearly to write 10 blogs/hour.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
One of the best tools that I’ve used these days.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Man, I love @bearlyai for saving me 22mins.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
@bearlyai will blow your mind. Check it out.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Alex Ponton
Did you try @bearlyai? Its all of @OpenAI in 1 place.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Bearly is a killer.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Abhishek Shah
Got all my friends hooked on bearly :) Soooo clutch.
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Jason Walthall
That is one smart bear. @bearlyai
RichTatum Twitter Avatar
Fareed Behardien
This is sick! I’m playing around with it now.

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